Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Surge of Power (2004)

Starring Vincent J. Roth, John Venturini, Joey Bourgeois, Robert Hurt, Nichelle Nichols, Noel Niell, Bobby Trendy, Marv Wolfman, Lou Ferrigno, Hagen O’Brien – Directed by Mike Donahue

Theaters have been jam-packed lately with lines to see the latestsuperhero movie, but a-dork-able corporate attorney and comic fan Gavin Lucas lives in the fictional Big City, where not only are there comic superheroes, but real caped crusaders as well. So can I just tell you how much I loved this movie? Every line of the script, every costume, every single moment of the film is such an obvious labor of love that its sincerity is both recognizable and entertaining. Vincent J. Roth serves as executive producer, writer and star in a fantastic family-friendly spoof/homage to superhero TV and films. The best part? It’s a gay-positive movie you could watch with your kids or a fun movie night selection to enjoy with friends. It’s a classic superhero origins story: Gavin is caught in a laboratory explosion caused by the diabolical Hector Harris and gains superpowers that allow him focus and blast energy fields. His friend and colleague Ronald Richards (Reed Richards?) helps Gavin when he decides to use his new found powers to become the superhero he’s always wanted to be – Surge! But what superhero would be complete without his Lois Lane? His Mary Jane Watson? His Jimmy Olsen? Well have no fear – cutie Joey Bourgeois is on-hand to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Roth, director/producer Mike Donahue and producer Tom Tangen throw every cliché in the comic book at you, and I loved every minute of it!